Washington Post - Nov. 2006

November 5, 2006

"DISTRICT 21: The state Senate "contest" here is the sad product of hijinks by a self-absorbed, mischievous sore loser in the Democratic primary. John Giannetti was deservingly bested in September by Jim Rosapepe, the standout candidate in that race. Then Mr. Giannettichucked his Democratic affiliation and declared himself a Republican so he could grab a vacant ballot spot to run against Mr. Rosapepe a second time. Embarrassed members of the GOP have been smartly distancing themselves in droves ever since -- and so should voters. Mr. Rosapepe, a former Maryland delegate, is a skilled legislator with an exceptional grasp of the issues.

"For the House of Delegates, 12-year veteran Barbara A. Frush (D) is a polished lawmaker; Democratic first-timers Joseline Pena-Melnyk and Ben Barnes areenergetic, astute students of the legislative dynamics in Annapolis."