The Diamondback

November 2, 2006

The Diamondback

Staff Editorial
State Senator's race

There comes a time when a candidate's political maneuvering devolves into pure chicanery and embarrassment for all who have given support in the past.The Diamondback vigorously withdraws its endorsement of state Sen. John Giannetti. Our endorsement goes, not by default, butenthusiastically, to the deserving winner of the Democratic nomination, Jim Rosapepe.

Jim Rosapepe has fought for tuition freezes as a university system regent and was friendly to higher education in his time at the Maryland House of Delegates. What is also telling is the quality of the state delegates who chose to run on his slate - incumbent Barbara Frush and newcomer Ben Barnes impressed in the primaries, while Giannetti's candidates were nowhere to be found, aside from the bottom of the results. In the likely case Frush, Barnes and College Park City Councilwoman Joseline Peña­Melnyk win their seats, we look forward to much-needed cooperation between the region's state senator and delegates.

Giannetti's switch to the Republican party after being ravaged in the Democratic primary is not only the latest in a string of follies, but confirms that what we had previously called a "maverick disdain for convention" is actually a consistent inability to make mature judgments. Any candidate who throws away his long-term political prospects by turning Republican in a state where the letter "R" is toxic sludge cannot be trusted not to take careless gambles with his constituents' welfare.

Rosapepe is the clear choice for state senate. Giannetti's antics might be conducive to selling papers - beyond that, his consistent inconsistency does no one favors.