Elected Officials and Local Democratic Leaders

Delegate Pauline Menes

Delegate Barbara Frush

Delegate Brian Moe

Democrat and Delegate Candidate Ben Barnes

Prince George’s County Council Chairman Tom Dernoga

Prince George's County Councilman Tom Hendershot

Laurel City Mayor Craig Moe

Laurel City Council President Fred Smalls

Laurel City Council members Mike Leszcz, Jan Robison, and Gayle Snyder

College Park Mayor Stephen A. Brayman

College Park City Council members Robert T. Catlin, John Krouse, Andrew M. Fellows, Eric C. Olson, and Karen E. Hampton

College Park Former mayors Dervey Lomax, Mike Jacobs, and Joe Page

Democratic County Council Candidate and community leader Jamie Benoit

Democratic Central Committee Candidate and community leader BJ Taylor

Former Delegate Bunk Athey

Community Leader Tim Reyburn