21st District Republicans

          21st District Republicans have endorsed Jim Rosapepe for the 21st District seat in the Maryland Senate and rejected the bid of the opponent he defeated in the Sept. 12 Democratic primary to win the general election by switching parties and running as the GOP candidate.


            In a statement supporting Rosapepe, the 21st District Republicans for Jim Rosapepe for State Senate said the district’s residents must ask themselves which of the two candidates they can truly trust as their State Senator.  


            “We believe Jim Rosapepe is a leader we can trust,” the statement said. “Jim Rosapepe is the State Senator we need.”


            In welcoming the GOP members’ endorsement, Rosapepe promised he would work for all residents of the 21st District, no matter what their party affiliation. 


            “Whether he calls himself a Howard Dean Democrat or a George W. Bush Republican, John Giannetti is out of touch with the 21st District, where citizens want a senator they can trust to stand up for working families,” Rosapepe said. 


            Giannetti was a co-chair of Howard Dean's 2004 presidential campaign in Maryland and campaigned for him in New Hampshire. In the 2004 primary, Rosapepe supported General Wesley Clark, whom he had worked with as U.S. Ambassador to Romania when Clark was NATO commander.


            “My first priority is representing all the citizens of the 21st District—Democrats, Republicans, and independents,” Rosapepe said. “In the Maryland House, as U.S. Ambassador, and as a member of the University System of Maryland Board of Regents, I've worked across party lines to protect our country and improve our community." 


           Rosapepe was confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to Romania by a unanimous vote of Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Senate and as a University Regent by a unanimous vote of Democrats and Republicans in the Maryland Senate. 


           A prominent member of the Ronald Reagan’s Administration has also expressed his support for Rosapepe. 


          “Jim served with distinction as U.S. Ambassador to Romania,” said David Funderburk, Ronald Reagan’s appointee as U.S. Ambassador to Romania. “He stood up for American values and made our nation proud.” Funderburk later served as a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from North Carolina.  


         Rosapepe—who represented the 21st District in the House of Delegates for 11 years before resigning to become U.S. Ambassador to Romania—soundly defeated incumbent John Giannetti by a  20% margin in the Democratic primary.


            Shortly after voters overwhelmingly rejected Giannetti’s bid to retain his Maryland Senate seat, he changed his party registration to Republican and announced he would run in the Nov. 7 general election as the GOP candidate, after he convinced the nominated Republican nominee to withdraw from the race. 


            Giannetti’s decision did not find favor with many Democrats or Republicans, who have questioned his motivation for becoming a Republican as a way to remain in office.


            When the Gazette newspapers asked Kevin Kennedy, the 2002 GOP nominee for the District 1 seat on the Prince George’s County Council, about Giannetti’s changing political parties, he replied: “I don’t know how that serves the people, but it certainly serves the will or the ego of the individual.”


            In their statement, the 21st District Republicans for Jim Rosapepe for State Senate said:


            For many Republicans in the 21st District of Prince George's and Anne Arundel Counties, the major question in picking a State Senator this year is "Who can we trust to keep his commitments and put our community first?"


            We believe Jim Rosapepe is a leader we can trust. In more than 20 years of public service to our community and to our country, he has put his constituents first, not his personal ambitions. From protecting the cap on property taxes to fighting for the University of Maryland, Jim has proven his effectiveness in representing the 21st District well. Jim Rosapepe is the State Senator we need and that's why we're voting for him.




Karel Petraitis, Esq., College Park

Lifelong Republican activist

Chair of 21st District Republicans for Jim Rosapepe for State Senate 


Kevin Kennedy, Beltsville

Republican nominee for County Council, 2002


Betty Anne O’Neill, Maryland City

Republican, Former Chief of Staff for Maryland House Ways and Means Committee


Sheri Lowe, Laurel

Lifelong Republican


Michael Camacho, Laurel



Carlos A Garcia Jr, Laurel



Robert J. Alonso, Laurel



Frank Cockrell, Beltsville



William Wellford, Laurel



Milton Grodsky, College Park



Roberto Celi, Beltsville



Barbara Meneghini, College Park


Victoria Tyson, Laurel